2015 Royal Rumble Of WWE

To mark their name in the books of history WWE fighters have to fight it hard to be the winner of WWE Heavyweight Championship of the World. The prize is hailed to be the coveted prize and it becomes all the more special when roster is on top. Of course, the title is entertaining that is why it is so famous.

It has been a disappointment that the real stars have never won on such a big platform as that. No matter how superb they might be in the wrestling world but the coveted prize has never been captured by them. It is tossing that takes place and going by the matches some of the big names should have won the matches but they were simply unfortunate.

The Night of Champions featuring Brock Lesnar and John Cena tipped to be a huge success

Brock Lesnar is back in WWE and with a bang. The hugely built superstar has improved in leaps and bounds since his first tryst with destiny in WWE. The Beast as he calls himself had been out for a few years but he did not sit idle. He went through rigorous training sessions and trained himself in martial arts. He competed in the UFC and became the world heavyweight champion. This is the title that he is aiming for in WWE as well. The present champion John Cena is being repeatedly attacked by him on his match ups. This has left a lot of scars on Cena’s confidence. The mind games that Paul Heiman has been playing with the champion have also got to him. He is very much agitated and hell bent on revenge. However the matter will be settled only at the Night of the champions.

The Night of Champions will also involve wrestlers like Chris Jericho who has also made his comeback very recently. He will be facing Randy Orton. Another huge man Mike Henry will also be in action against the Russian Rusev. This is indeed going to be a very hardly fought and physical affair. The divas will also be going up against one another for the most coveted prize. This episode will be aired on Sunday. The big attention draw will obviously come from the match involving The Beast Incarnate and John Cena. The two veterans will be trying to outdo each other on all occasions. The fight is tipped to be one of the most epic battles in the history of the WWE. The players and coaching staff are looking forward to stamp their authority on the match. The crowd will be ready for the match up and shouting their heart out for their favorite superstars in action.