As the marsh up for WrestleMania keeps increasing, the struggle to be recognized in one of the greatest stages of the competition is becoming quite competitive and entertaining.

his year’s event has recorded a significant push by many superstars looking to prove themselves deserving of an opportunity to compete in wrestling’s most glamorous event.

In recent years, the road to WrestleMania has led to some of the most unexpected and mind blowing confrontations amongst WWE superstars on a weekly basis. As it stands, Braun Strowman might just be on his way to the big event at WrestleMania, after pulling the trigger on Monday Night Raw. The terrible monster as he wants to be described didn’t only interfere in a match at Monday night raw but also went on to destroy two of the three original members of The Shield.

White Hasn’t Met Georges St-Pierre Post New Plans On Drug Testing

Long back erstwhile UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre had stated that won’t ever get back to professional fights till his employers come up with 3rd party drug tests. Naturally, when UFC announced new out-of-competition comprehensive policy on drug tests, GSP’s fans & MMA pundits all over started to speculate that whether it would lead to the return of the legendary MMA fighter.

But UFC Chief Dana White has reported that he has not spoken to Georges St-Pierre after the new test policy was announced. He is of the opinion that if the erstwhile MMA great is not willing to return to the ring, he won’t force him for it.

“I have not actually spoken to GSP”, admitted the UFC boss. “I have asked GSP whether he is willing to fight again or not & things such as that. I always say that if somebody is not willing to get to the bouts, pressurizing him for fight would be like last thing.”

2015 Royal Rumble Of WWE

To mark their name in the books of history WWE fighters have to fight it hard to be the winner of WWE Heavyweight Championship of the World. The prize is hailed to be the coveted prize and it becomes all the more special when roster is on top. Of course, the title is entertaining that is why it is so famous.

It has been a disappointment that the real stars have never won on such a big platform as that. No matter how superb they might be in the wrestling world but the coveted prize has never been captured by them. It is tossing that takes place and going by the matches some of the big names should have won the matches but they were simply unfortunate.