Karate champions from Sunderland

The leading martial artists from Sunderland is all set to perform in the European Championships which is about to take place in November. They have received the England call ups recently which gave them a huge boost because it is a golden opportunity for them to show their talent in front of the whole world.

Twelve members were selected from Sendai Kushiro Karate club in Sunderland and it was a proud moment for all. They had earlier participated in three of England’s squad sessions and they have continued to impress everyone. They have successfully managed to keep their place in the national elite side which will go for the Autumn’s European Championships which is about to take place in Zurich. The members who were selected are Jamie Alan, Laura Brice, Tomoko Asanuma, Bethaney Miller, Alice Jewitt, Adam Gibson, Martin Fraser, Ryan Spencer, Beth Nicholson, Sam Light, Holly Sterling and John Bruce.

Among these Spencer, Nicholson, Light and Sterling may be selected for the European and World Championships because of the impressive performance last year. Sterling won two bronze medals in the European Championships which took place in November and she hopes that she would be able to perform better this year. She was also a part of the British team that won the world gold in the Kumite event at the World Championships which was held in September. She was close to winning the European title as well but that was won by Nicholson in a close fight. In his debut for the European Championships Spencer won a silver and a bronze medal which is quite impressive because only a few people has managed to do this before. The year is full of vital tournaments and the members who have selected are all looking forward to participating in them.

Junior dos Santos wants to feel like a champion again

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Heavyweight Championship holder Junior dos Santos is adamant at getting the title belt back around his waist once again come December when he takes on the reigning champion Cain Velasquez.

According to the Brazilian, the belt is the biggest goal that he has in his life at the moment. He mentioned that he has already once had the opportunity of wearing the belt around his waist and he wants to have that feeling once again. Speaking to a Brazilian media outlet, Cigano stated that he wants to be the champion once again, adding that he wants to reign as the number one fighter in his division again and this time, the wants to do it for a long time and wants to create a long lasting legacy for himself, much like his fellow Brazilian Anderson Silva did during his reign in the UFC’s Middleweight division.

Junior dos Santos plans to finish off his nemesis in the same way he did the first time he faced the Cuban American when he landed a strong right hand on him to knock him out within just 64 seconds of their first battle to win the match. However, if that does not happen, he is ready to do battle for the whole five rounds too.

He stated that he has a really tough opponent in front of him, a fighter who has earned the respect of the entire division. He mentioned that he hopes things will pan out just as it happened during their first match but if that doesn’t happen, Junior dos Santos mentioned that he is not afraid of going all the way to the end of the five rounds as well.

This will be the third time the two meet with the scores tied at one each.

Alberto Del Rio

A Mexican by origin, Alberto Del Rio is a professional wrestler, who is currently signed with the WWE. He is one of the most celebrated and accomplished wrestlers in the present day, and has been crowned the World Champion three times. He won the WWE Championship twice, and was also the World Heavyweight Champion once. And this is not all, as the list goes on and on. Back in 2011, he became the winner of the Royal Rumble, and in the same year, he won the Mr. Money in the Bank too.

There was much speculation when Alberto Del Rio decided to take on the persona of the babyface that has right now become synonymous with his image. It did seem a bit odd at first, but now it seems that he has successfully managed to pull it off. The initial image that Del Rio backed was that of a sneering resilient aristocrat. But his babyface run has managed to make him quite popular with the fans, as he is more of a believable hero than all the many other promising and emerging young stars in the WWE.

In more recent news, WWE officials said that Alberto Del Rio is a very valuable contender for the WWE. He is a World Heavyweight Champion, and he belongs at the WWE and that it exactly where his place is, in the champion’s section. It is a well-known fact that Del Rio loves to fight for all the top spots that the wrestling world has to offer in the heavyweight category, and he has been consistently doing so for the last one year. And especially after he defeated Jack Swagger at the Sunday Extreme Rules match, he is once again the top contender for the championship. And it is quite evident that he will surely put on a good fight to the finish.