2015 Royal Rumble Of WWE

To mark their name in the books of history WWE fighters have to fight it hard to be the winner of WWE Heavyweight Championship of the World. The prize is hailed to be the coveted prize and it becomes all the more special when roster is on top. Of course, the title is entertaining that is why it is so famous.

It has been a disappointment that the real stars have never won on such a big platform as that. No matter how superb they might be in the wrestling world but the coveted prize has never been captured by them. It is tossing that takes place and going by the matches some of the big names should have won the matches but they were simply unfortunate.

Going by the list, Curt Hennig is the person who has never been able to pull it off but he has always been a top star of the WWE. There also have been some fighters who are called as Mr. Perfect but on the big event they have never been able to perform. Some do not align in a fashionable manner.

It does not depend whether the opponent was worthy or not as when it comes to the big event it gets narrowed down to a single person. Yet there have been memorable matches and moments in the history of WWE which is remembered by the ardent fans. There is no dearth of talents and performers but it is an open game which can be won by anybody on the appointed date. Luck is what favours most of the non performers and gives them a chance to win the match. High sponsors are present in big events. What 2015 holds for the big events is yet to be seen and the excitement level is also high.