Judo Opportunity For All

Among judo tournaments across the world, two recent ones were held for Okanagan and Kootenays.

Here Kelowna Judo Club members were able to make quite an impact. They won medals and a lot of prestige at these tournaments. The Okanagan Open that was hosted by the Kelowna Judo club took place a few weeks back where seven local clubs participated, from Pentiction, Revelstoke to Salmon Arm. The Kelowna Judo event was overall a successful one as it was attended by over seventy participants who can be termed as grass root level members in judo. For them it was their first tournament to participate as they cannot afford to be part of the big tournaments in Vancouver.

The coach Kathy Hubble was proud of the participants who got the opportunity to participate in Judo Shiai. She, along with Stu Leatherdale is co-coaches who have been arranging an event every year. The event helps all grass root level members to participate, especially those who cannot afford to take part in tournaments held in Vancouver or Alberta. As Hubble states, it takes a lot of money for entry fees, accommodation, and transportation for participating in the big events.
Many judoka are unable to participate due to financial reasons. The bigger tournaments are usually at yellow belt levels and hence, those who are white belt level are unable to get a chance to compete. This event is organized to allow anyone to participate. There is a warm up and a mini judo practice where the leader is a black belt Sensei. There is a seminar held for rules summary for the benefit of the kids and parents. The fights then commence and participants can take up as few or many matches as they want. This year’s event was a great success and there are several happy faces on media reports to show for that.