Updates On WWE Payback 2017

WWE will be holding its upcoming pay-per-view WWE Payback2017 by the end of April.

The Superstar Shake up did change some of the famous stars on all brands which included the Intercontinental Champions and WWE United States. Bray Wyatt, the former SmackDown Champion joined the red brand. As a result, it has given room to many cross brand competitions. Some of the latest matches of WWE Payback were scheduled in addition to some rumors on this big event.

Bray Wyatt may have moved to Raw, but it simply does not indicate that he won’t find a rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight he lost during WrestleMania 33 to none other than Randy Orton. There was a challenge by Bray given to Orton a few weeks back for a match termed as House of Horrors. The fans of WWE are clueless about this match. It can be played in a cage or somewhere outside the arena. But, the title has been finalized and will be served as the prime event unless there is another match with higher priority on the card.

Kevin Owens, the United States Champion has moved to blue brand, but at the same time has a rematch against Chris Jericho. He lost the title at WrestleMania 33 to Owens and now gets a chance to achieve it through Payback. But, as per rumors, Jericho will be off on a tour with his rock band. As far as the Hardy Boyz is concerned, they are all geared up to defend the titles Cesaro and Sheamus who are the No 1 contenders at the biggest pay-per-view. There is another match that is booked as of now with Austin Aries. He gets his 2nd shot in the Cruiserweight Championship. Austin achieved 4 person matches on 205 Live of WWE to become the biggest contender once more. These are some of the updates on WWE Payback of 2017.