WWE News And Rumors For Jan 30, 2011

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Wrestling News And Rumors For Jan 30, 2011WrestleSite.comCountdown to the Royal Rumble…- As noted previously, Booker T has arrived to Boston, Massachusetts for tonight’s Royal Rumble spend-per-see. He is anticipated to take part in the forty-Man Royal Rumble Match. His return to WWE soon after 3 decades will not be a one particular evening affair.In accordance to some wrestlers, Booker T is permanently returning to WWE to both wrestle and announce. Further particulars, however, have not been disclosed.The 6-time planet champion has had his sights set on a commentating placement for a number of decades. He indicated in an interview final 12 months throughout Royal Rumble year that if he ended up to return to WWE, it would probably be as an announcer.He explained, “Heading back to the WWE, I know I would have to perform a entire agenda quite significantly 180 days a year. I do not think that’s some thing I want to do at this point. A lot of people speculate, but if I was to go back to the WWE, it would most likely be from a wrestling announcer standpoint, that is something I always wanted to do. So I search ahead if I ever before go back again to WWE, it would most likely be from a wrestling announcer standpoint. TNA is better for me as far as scheduling goes, but I don’t believe I’ll doing work that frantic timetable any longer.”Also as noted previously, Kevin Nash is in town and will be returning tonight.-Mashable.com has an post up on how WWE conquered Social Media.- Kevin Nash has landed in Boston, MA, and is sporting brown hair.- Former WWE author Dave Lagana discusses the Royal Rumble at http://www.iwantwrestling.com/- WWE will be releasing the following DVDs in 2011: * Accurate Tale of WrestleMania (March 15) * Greatest of Nitro (Might 24) * Ted DiBiase (June 28) * Randy Orton (September twenty) * The fifty Biggest Matches in WWE Background (November 29) * Austin vs. Rock: The Rivalry (December 13)The latest problem of Energy Slam reports that Triple H’s return to WWE programming has been postponed on many occasionsdating back again to October.According to WWE imaginative team resources, his return was at first scheduled for the Bragging Rights spend-for each-watch on Oct. 24. It was postponed to shortly prior to the Survivor Sequence, and once more to the spend-per-watch alone. He was then scheduled to return at the King of the Ring edition of Monday Night time Raw on Nov. 29, then the week following that. He was also tentatively scheduled for the initial Raw of 2011.The magazine adds that there has been speak of him returning at tonight’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view.Dwell Protection Of The Royal Rumble Tonight!!!

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